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Thin beans - the secret ingredient of confectioners

The most popular desserts are vanilla or cinnamon. But having felt familiar notes after the first bitten off slices, it is not necessary to think at once that these are known additives. It is possible that these beans are thin.

The history of the origin of beans is thin.

Before the foreigner set foot on the territory of the country of origin of the product - South America, the Indians actively used the gifts of nature. One of the favorite plants of the indigenous population was the tree Dipteriks Zapashny. It has fleshy leaves and beautiful purple flowers. But the most amazing are the seeds that ripen in the fruit.

Because of their size, they are called beans. Many confusing stories are connected with the origin of the name "thin", but it is known that the seed has several other names:

  • coumarin;
  • sumbar;
  • tagua;
  • sarappia.

Tonka beans became very popular after many tasters discovered their amazing aroma.

What can replace thin beans?

Confectioners often use fine in their culinary masterpieces, primarily because of the smell. In fact, one such ingredient can replace several at once, namely, cloves, cinnamon, almonds and vanilla.

While some confectioners tend to add a pinch of a single flavoring ingredient, others prefer to use a subtle. This relationship of products is extremely beneficial. Despite the ease of use of beans, finding them is not easy. In addition, the product has a decent price.

How to properly use thin beans?

Thin beans provide fantastic aromatherapy. But, despite the strange aromas, do not overdo it with spices. Adding too much or holding for too long can spoil the dish.

The main feature of beans is that the use of the same seed can be tenfold. It should be added to a drink, dressing or dough, hold for a while so that it releases its aroma, and then remove.

The benefits and harms of beans are subtle.

Indigenous people of the country of origin of the holiday product believe in the benefits and magical properties of fine beans. They believe that thanks to this product are protected from disease. Due to moderate portions in dishes, drinks or desserts, this spice has a positive effect on the human body, namely:

  • warms;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • promotes relaxation;
  • acts as an aphrodisiac.

Medicinal substances containing fine beans stimulate the proper functioning of the heart and act as an anticoagulant. Some drugs, which include fruit extract, have antispasmodic and antirheumatic effects.

Always remember that you can not overdo it with the addition of thin beans in the dish. Despite the vitamins and minerals in the composition, a large dose of the product can provoke the development of oncology or cause an allergic reaction.

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