Green Snail Green Tea

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Elite high-altitude tea Green Snail (Green Snail) has gained widespread popularity outside of China due to the bright and clear, but no less charming floral-fruity taste. It is said that in each cup of Green Snail tea the luxurious aroma of spring is concentrated. After all, the harvest for him is harvested in March-April, when the fresh cool air is saturated with the vitality of renewed nature.
For Green Snail tea, the kidney is used and the young leaves have barely blossomed. Due to this, the tea retains the notes of freshness and delicate wildflowers. Tea leaves with white buds are twisted into neat "snails", which give the tea a delicious look.
This tea is drunk slowly and thoughtfully, it is great for reflection and those moments when you need to solve some difficult issues. The answers will come as if by themselves, but in fact this energy of spring motivates the mind to new ideas and successful decisions.
The soft, delicate honey aroma of green tea is a meeting with spring, which can happen at any time of the year and in any weather!

  • Place of cultivation: China, Hunan Province
  • Utensils: glass or porcelain
  • Proportions: 2 tsp. (6-7 g) per 200 ml of water
  • Water temperature: 80-90 ° C
  • Brewing time: 20-30 minutes
  • Number of brews: up to 3