Pasta from apricot kernels, 200 gr

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Urbech of apricot kernels is made from uncooked and chemically untreated kernels. In this case, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians as a nutritional supplement to the main diet to increase variety and greater benefits.

Urbech from apricot pits how to take
Urbech is very nutritious, one spoon is enough to avoid hunger for many hours. Apricot kernel is not only nutritious but also healing. It contains a large set of minerals and vitamins. In particular, it contains B vitamins, including vitamin B17, which is rare.

What is in the composition of urbech?
The bone contains a significant amount of potassium, calcium and iodine. Urbech can be attributed to useful products for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, problems with bones and joints. It can be recommended to people to increase immunity after illness and stressful situations.

Bone paste can be a useful addition to the diet of people who follow certain diets as a nutrient and replace them with less useful products.

Previously, all varieties of apricots in the seeds contained the poisonous substance amidalgin. Now this problem is solved, because new varieties have been bred without this substance. Now you can use such products without fear.

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