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Is it possible to imagine our lives without different cereals? Buckwheat, rice, bulgur , couscous are excellent side dishes, they can be used for soups and other dishes. And the high content of vitamins and valuable trace elements makes them very good for health. The online store "Spice Bank" offers a huge selection of the most delicious cereals, spices, condiments and other ingredients that every housewife should have. We care about each client, so we guarantee high quality goods, adequate cost and ensure delivery throughout Ukraine!

The benefits of couscous

Homeland of this tender cereal is North Africa. However, today its popularity has spread around the world. And all thanks to their own taste, benefits and simple cooking. In general, couscous is a very unusual cereal, because it is made from different grains - wheat, semolina, millet, rice. So we can say that this is not so much cereal as cooking technology.

Initially, couscous was prepared exclusively from semolina. In African tribes, it was sprayed with water and manually rolled into balls, resulting in grains about the size of a millimeter. Of course, today modern technologies and equipment are used to prepare such a product.

Couscous is not just hearty, but also very useful cereal:

  • high content of potassium, phosphorus, iron and copper makes it an invaluable product for people with heart disease, joints;
  • it is a source of B vitamins;
  • increases the level of hemoglobin;
  • the content of dietary fiber in this cereal has the most favorable effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • stimulates the brain;
  • improves memory;
  • due to the high content of folic acid is recommended during pregnancy;
  • helps maintain youthful skin.

So, be sure to include in your diet this amazing and healthy porridge and your body will definitely be grateful to you for it. However, such cereals should be treated with extreme caution in people suffering from diabetes and wheat intolerance.

How delicious to cook couscous?

Due to the not very bright taste, this cereal is universal. At the same time, it perfectly emphasizes the taste of other ingredients. It can be served with meat, fish and even vegetables and fruits. Couscous can be prepared both soft and crumbly. In the first case it must be cooked in a ratio of 1: 2 with water. If you want to get crumbly couscous, this ratio should be 1: 1.

This cereal goes well with lamb, chickpeas, raisins and eggs. And if you want to prepare a delicious and hearty dessert, pay attention to the combination of cereals with raisins, dates, various nuts and halva.

But to make the dish tasty, it is important not only to cook it properly, but also to buy fresh quality ingredients. Therefore, be sure to monitor the shelf life of products, tightness of packaging and follow the rules of storage. For example, a bay leaf in a jar with groceries will scare away unwanted insects.

In the range of the online store "Spice Bank" you can find all the products you need that should be in the kitchen of every housewife - spices, natural oils, nuts, flour and fiber , various mixtures. You can order the necessary ingredients from us at any time from anywhere in Ukraine, and if you need advice, the company's managers will be sure to answer all your questions so that you do not make a mistake with the choice.

We know that cooking is a very delicate process and the end result is influenced not only by compliance with technology, but also the quality of products. That's why we provide only the freshest and best ingredients at an adequate price, so that every housewife can easily create real culinary masterpieces!

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