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The most unusual and interesting spice can be called asafetida. It is loved and bought by people in dry form around the world. Widely used in cooking, chefs and spice lovers. You can buy the spice in the online store "Spice Bank". You can order it from us in ground form. It is available in different packaging at an affordable price. The customer, thanks to a special feature, will see how much his order costs. The price of asafetida is indicated for 50 grams and further in ascending order.


Asafetida - what is it?

This is not a plant, but rather a resin derived from it. It is extracted from the roots of the ferula plant. The juice, which is then dried and crushed, has an unpleasant odor and appearance, but it does not confuse gourmets. The spice is widely used in Asian countries.

The smell of this spice can be compared with the concentrated smell of onions and garlic. It is these products that can replace it. The method of obtaining spices is time consuming. You can get the right resin only from a five-year plant. Root processing is also quite thorough and multi-stage. The Afghan variety is highly valued.

Yes, asafetida is a very exotic spice, but you should not be afraid of it, you just need to be able to cook it properly. It tastes milder than onions or garlic, it has many useful properties, and in combination with cumin and ginger is very tasty.

The use of asafetida in cooking

Presented Indian spice is suitable for all dishes where the presence of onions and garlic is appropriate. It adds spiciness to salads, soups and main dishes. Powder should be used with caution, if you throw a lot, food can be bitter. You can buy spice not everywhere, it is rare.

To reveal the aroma and taste, chefs recommend frying it in oil with other spices. In soups it is better to add at the end, pre-diluted in water. Sold powder mixed with rice flour. This is necessary to reduce the unpleasant odor. However, it should be noted that the taste is not affected.

Useful properties of asafetida

People from Eastern countries know and appreciate this spice for its healing properties:

  • The seasoning copes well with impotence.
  • It is known for its rejuvenating effect.
  • The spice is useful for women, as they can alleviate the symptoms of menopause.
  • It restores the natural hormonal background.
  • The spice effectively fights intestinal parasites.
  • It has been proven that it can cope with flatulence, "heavy stomach" and facilitate digestion of ferula resin.

Has Indian spice and contraindications. Its healing properties can be a problem for allergy sufferers, people with dermatological problems, as well as patients with high acidity. With fever and pregnancy, the root and its juice should not be taken.

Reviews of those who have already tried asafetida, only confirm the fact that the spice is really very useful.

Advantages of buying in the Spice Bank store

  • Our spices of the highest grade.
  • They are sold dry.
  • We have an expanded and diverse range.
  • How much is a spice? The cost of all products is quite reasonable, there is a loyalty system. The price is lower than competitors.
  • A convenient and clear site has been developed for clients. It will not be difficult to order the necessary products.
  • There is delivery to all cities of Ukraine.

Are you really interested in the taste of this spice and you want to feel its useful properties on yourself? Our online store is ready to help you with the purchase of this exotic product. You can buy asafetida today by placing an order in the store. You will find customer reviews on the site. Delivery does not take much time, you will receive your order in a few days. Enjoy your shopping!

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