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Fennel grain, 100 g
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Reviews about our products
Fennel Fennel
Купил впервые эти семена-понравились-чистые и ароматные.Добавляю в разые блюда .Пишут,что очень полезно)
Fennel Fennel
Отличное качество товара, без всякого мусора,для чая в осенние холода то что надо
Ground fennel Fennel
Фенхель замечательный! Пряно-ароматическая группа (куркума, зира, кориандр и фенхель) наивысшего качества здесь, впрочем как и остальные специи! Вкус божественный! Хорошо заходит к супам, борщам, мясу и рыбе! Спасибо!
Ground fennel Fennel
Лучший фенхель, который доводилось пробовать! Гармонирует практически со всеми блюдами из овощей и мяса! Рекомендую!
Fennel Fennel
Відправили швидко, насіння фенхеля крупні. Рекомендую замовляти в цьомуна магазині
Ground fennel Fennel
Не думала, что фенхель такой вкусный! Очень качественный продукт, свежий!
Fennel Fennel
Хорошего качества. 
Fennel Fennel
Семена фенхеля чистые. Пробовала садить на зелень. Хорошо взошёл. Приятный вкус.
Ground fennel Fennel
Отличное обслуживание,качественный товар. Молодцы

Fennel is a perennial herb. Outwardly, it looks like dill, but they have different taste and composition. Its seeds are highly valued due to their high content of minerals and B vitamins. In cooking, they are added to ready-made dishes and marinades. The seasoning has a sweetish aftertaste, similar to anise. Before adding to food, the grains are heated in a pan or ground.

Use in cooking

Liqueurs, confectionery, pies, buns are prepared from fresh fruits. The spice in the form of seeds goes well with fish and meat dishes. It is also added to sauces, marinades, broths and soups. In cold appetizers, pickles and pickled vegetables, the spice reveals a spicy flavor and gives the dish softness. You can add grains to the soup or dip a cloth bag with fennel and other seasonings into boiling water, and remove it at the end. In cooking, it is often combined with leek, black pepper, zira, star anise, basil, caraway, marjoram. You can buy spices in bulk at the Spice Bank store.

Spice composition

The fruits and seeds of the plant help in the treatment of many ailments. For example, they calm the nervous system, help with colic, are useful for urolithiasis, and help relieve inflammation. It is a natural antispasmodic, expectorant and sedative.

The composition of the seeds includes:

  • zinc, copper, manganese, iron, sodium, magnesium;
  • alimentary fiber;
  • essential oil;
  • vitamins of group B, C;
  • folic and ascorbic acid.

Pleasant taste, magical aroma, rich composition - all this makes fennel one of the most useful plants. On the website of the Spice Bank store, you can order this seasoning with delivery in Ukraine. Wholesale prices are much lower than the standard price. The entire range of goods is in the catalog.