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Ground mustard
15.00 грн
Ground mustard, 120 g
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Ground mustard, 500 g
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Mustard is white
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Yellow mustard
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Yellow mustard, 170 g
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Yellow mustard, 700 g
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Yellow mustard Spices for potatoes
Мельче, чем белая и на вкус другая, более мягкая.
Black mustard Mustard
В очередной раз заказала и осталась довольна.
Ground mustard Spices for potatoes
Получила горчичный порошок, он не такой, как в магазине. Видимо из жёлтой горчицы. Она не острая получилась. Вкус очень нежный, мягкий.
Mustard is white Spices for meat
Добавляю в консервацию, мариную с ней мясо.
Black mustard Mustard
постоянно использую чёрную горчицу во всех овощных блюдах, поджаривая на сухой сковородке, раскрывая её ореховый аромат!
Yellow mustard Spices for potatoes
Мы съели её быстрее, чем ожидалось. Буду ещё заказывать
Black mustard Mustard
На этом сайте заказывала впервые. Горчица чистая, зернышко к зернышку. Вместе с горчицей брала приправу к мясу. Запах  -  просто вау!!!!! \r\nСпасибо!!!! 
Black mustard Mustard
Отличное качество ,цена класс . Вместе с другими специями добавляю к мясу и в суп
Yellow mustard Spices for potatoes
Красивая и недорогая ) Добавляю понемножку вместе с другими специями ,возможно пригодится зимой при простуде) 
Mustard is white Spices for meat
Хорошее качество ,минимальная цена.Использую при приготовлении мяса 

Mustard is a vegetable. The plant, which is known for its vigorous taste, belongs to the same family as broccoli, cabbage. Seasoning is made from the seeds. They are small, round and brown in color. To add them to the dish, you need to fry the seeds with the addition of oil. When heated, they burst and change color to gray. Fragrant oil is prepared from black mustard seeds and seasoned with salads.


In European countries, seasoning from grains has a sweetish aftertaste. There is no special sharpness in it. The most famous types of table mustard are Dijon, American and Russian. The latter is considered the strongest, with a pronounced spicy taste. For the preparation of seasoning, grains are used:

  • white mustard;
  • Sarepta;
  • black, used to make Dijon mustard.

Depending on the variety and additives, the taste and aroma of the product will vary. The seed contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Another spice is used in medicine. Its pharmacological effect is due to the presence of enzymes and essential oils in grains. The spice enhances appetite, improves metabolism, enhances the secretion of gastric juice. For the treatment of sprains, hematomas, pomace powder compresses are used.

Application in cooking

Whole grains are added to ready-made dishes, after roasting. This should be done at the end of cooking. Mustard powder is used as an additive for mayonnaise, salad dressings, fried poultry and meat. Ready sauce complements the first and second courses. Seasoning is combined with potatoes, fish, meat. Pork and chicken are especially fragrant and tasty if you cover them with mustard-sugar glaze before baking. You can buy mustard seeds in bulk on the Spice Bank website. The catalog contains seeds of black, yellow mustard, ground spice. Its price depends on the volume and grade. Orders are delivered throughout Ukraine and Kiev.