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Sesame black
25.00 грн
Sesame black, 130 g
49.00 грн
Sesame black, 500 g
145.00 грн
Sesame seeds are white
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Sesame white, 130 g
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Sesame white, 570 g
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Sesame black Sesame
все на высшем уровне.
Sesame seeds are white Sesame
Смачний кунжут, якість чудова. Додаю в печеню, добрий для тіла як джерело кальцію.  
Sesame black Sesame
Все отлично,спасибо.
Sesame seeds are white Sesame
Магазин отличный,доставка быстрая.
Sesame black, 130 g Spices in a jar 200 ml
Вкусный и красивый кунжут, баночка Очень удобная для хранения, не нужно заморачиваться с контейнерами. 
Sesame seeds are white Sesame
Заказываю по просьбе мамы уже не первый раз. Она добавляет в салаты и довольна качеством... 
Sesame seeds are white Sesame
Дуже задоволена - кунжут свіженький, зерно велике, смак дуже приємний. Випічку ще не робила з ним, але зелений салат і курочку в соусі теріякі зробила, присмак кунжута саме такий, як має бути у цих блюдах. Дякую і за гарний товар, і за чудовий сервіс!
Sesame black, 130 g Spices in a jar 200 ml
Дуже гарний кунжут, свіжий, з приємним смаком. Упакований добре, зручна у використанні банка. Особлива подяка магазину за оперативну доставку!
Sesame black Sesame
Заказывала для сыра, выглядит просто замечательно и доставка быстрая!
Sesame black Sesame
Брала черный кунжут подруге как посыпку для выпечки хлеба и хлебных изделий. Смотрится оригинально, и вкус придает изысканный. Очень вкусно на хрустящей корочке хлеба. 

Sesame or sesame is not a capricious annual plant native to Africa, known for over 5,000 years. In the fall, when it ripens, the boxes crack, and seeds familiar to everyone spill out of them.

spice benefits

Sesame is not only black, white, yellow or red seeds that are often used in cooking. First of all, sesame is a spice with a lot of useful substances, minerals and vitamins. It must also be remembered that this spice:

  • rich in fiber, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • in terms of the amount of calcium contained in it, it is not inferior to cheeses;
  • helps lower cholesterol levels;
  • has an enveloping effect in gastritis and ulcers;
  • contains sesamin, which has an antioxidant effect, preventing premature aging of the body;
  • also improves the immune system and is an aphrodisiac.

Sesame, due to its high content of essential amino acids, is a source of protein that vegetarians can take note of.

But it is necessary to remember about the decrease in the amount of useful properties of sesame during heat treatment.

Application in cooking

Sesame seeds have a pleasant light nutty flavor and a slight crunch. We have long been accustomed to the use of white seeds, but black ones have a richer taste and aroma and will sound more expressive in the dish. They are sprinkled on pastries in the bakery industry, added to halva and gozinaki when creating sweets. Sesame brings its spicy and original note in the preparation of salads, fish, seafood. It is indispensable in the preparation of rolls and sushi. Many will appreciate the interesting taste of sesame sauce.

You can buy sesame seeds in bulk and in small portions on the website of our online store. We supply wholesale spices, dried fruits, nuts and sesame seeds to cafes and restaurants not only in Kyiv, but throughout the country. High-quality and useful seeds are promptly delivered throughout Ukraine through Novaya or Ukrposhta branches.