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Cut green paprika, 510 g
230.00 грн
Cut red paprika, 110 g
60.00 грн
Cut red paprika, 460 g
210.00 грн
Green paprika cut
41.00 грн
Green paprika cut, 120 g
64.00 грн
Ground paprika, 110 g
37.00 грн
Ground paprika, 500 g
115.00 грн
Ground smoked paprika
30.00 грн
Ground smoked paprika, 110 g
45.00 грн
Ground smoked paprika, 500 g
175.00 грн
Paprika ground China
19.00 грн
Red paprika cut China
41.00 грн
Red paprika cut smoked (China)
70.00 грн
Red smoked red paprika
80.00 грн
Red smoked red paprika, 110 g
93.00 грн
Red smoked red paprika, 500 g
370.00 грн
Reviews about our products
Red paprika cut China Spices for potatoes
Качество отличное.
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Может что в чай не добавляю а так везде идет.Хорошее качество.
Ground smoked paprika, 110 g Spices in a jar 200 ml
Смачний аромат, в маленької кількості надає пікантного апетитного смаку стравам. 
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Смачна паприка, дуже яскравого кольору!
Ground smoked paprika Spices
Готую з паприкою майже все, а з запахом димку- взагалі супер. Замовила одразу півкіло, не жалкую
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Ароматна, свіжа паприка.
Red paprika cut Uzbekistan Spices
крупная,чистая,не первый раз заказываю.
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Отдельно спасибо консультанту Анне вежливый и клиентоорентированный специалист.
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Шикарний колір та супер аромат. Завжди лише з вами!

In all varieties of red peppers, paprika, called Florida or Bulgarian red pepper, has the mildest taste. This explains the general sympathy of peppercorn lovers, young and old, for paprika spice - a mixture of dried, chopped and ground red capsicum peppers (lat. - Capsicum annum) from the Solanaceae family.

For the preparation of spices, the fruits of the plant are used, while the core and seeds that have bitterness are removed. Pepper fruits are green pods that turn red when biologically ripe. They are grown in many countries of the world: the USA, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, China, Uzbekistan and others. Paprika spice is characterized by a rich bright red color and a spicy sweet-spicy taste.

Varieties of paprika

In Hungary, the country that popularizes paprika more than others, different types of this spice are made from different varieties of pepper. Depending on the content of carotene, which gives color, and capsaicin, which affects spiciness, there are several main types of spices:

  • gourmet;
  • noble sweet;
  • semi-sweet;
  • special;
  • acute;
  • tender;
  • pink.

On the Spice Bank website, you can wholesale and retail red, green, chopped, ground, smoked paprika grown in Spain, China and Uzbekistan. At the same time, our customers will certainly be satisfied with wholesale prices.

Use in cooking

A spicy spice with a sweet, spicy or pungent taste, it goes well with poultry and meat. Seasoning is incredibly popular in Hungarian cuisine. Paprikash, goulash and bograch are famous all over the world. The spice is one of the most favorite spices of Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean cuisines. Seafood, soups, vegetables, cheese and scrambled eggs with paprika gain additional points from fans of culinary delights.