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Pasternak 10x10, root
31.00 грн
Pasternak 3x3, root
32.00 грн
Pasternak root, 110 g
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Pasternak root, 450 g
150.00 грн
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Pasternak 10x10, root Parsnip
Очень хороший сельдерей. Заказывала уже несколько раз. Свежий, хрустящий. Соответствует размеру. Знакомые ребята просто грызут его, даже из состава любимых 10 овощей выбирают и едят. Очень полезный, множество лечебных свойств, особенно для мужчин. 
Pasternak 3x3, root Parsnip
Страна происхождения - Польша, а не Египет. Качество отличное.
Pasternak 10x10, root Parsnip
Когда добавил в еду то запах и вкус как будто свежего корня кинул , спасибо , вы как всегда на высоте !

Parsnip - belongs to the umbrella family and has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. It is distributed mainly in western Asia and Europe, but it is grown all over the world, using root crops as a fodder plant, and some varieties for human consumption.

Today, the root crop is used as a spice, medicinal substances and cosmetics are made with its addition.

Beneficial features

Parsnip root contains:

  • Vitamins A, C, PP, B
  • Sulfur
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Silicon
  • Amino acids
  • Essential oils
  • Furocoumarins
  • glucose
  • sucrose
  • Fructose

Having a beneficial effect on the human body, parsnip improves digestion, increases overall resistance to disease, strengthens the cardiovascular system, has a diuretic and anti-edematous effect.

Parsnip as a condiment

In cooking, parsnip root is used in first and second courses, adding a small amount of it to obtain a spicy taste and aroma. It is also added to pickles, when preserving lecho, vegetable preparations. Confectioners add parsnips to jams and jellies, when preparing tonic and warming drinks. Dried parsnips have a slightly pronounced, spicy, slightly sweet taste.

To make the spice, the roots are cut, dried and ground. It can be used alone or in various mixtures.

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