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A mixture of 4 ground peppers
40.00 грн
A mixture of 4 peppers
37.00 грн
A mixture of 5 ground peppers
60.00 грн
A mixture of 5 peppers
75.00 грн
A mixture of colored peppers
40.00 грн
A mixture of peppers and peas, 470 g
370.00 грн
65.00 грн
Allspice, 90 g
75.00 грн
Black pepper peas
42.00 грн
Black pepper, 120 g
67.00 грн
Black pepper, 500 g
230.00 грн
Chili peppers, 130 g
43.00 грн
Chili peppers, 30 g
22.00 грн
Chili threads
250.00 грн
Chipotle ground smoked jalapeno pepper
180.00 грн
Chopped chili peppers, 380 g
106.00 грн
Chopped chili peppers, 90 g
35.00 грн
Coarse black pepper
34.00 грн
Coarsely ground black pepper, 120 g
55.00 грн
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A mixture of 4 ground peppers Pepper mixes
Класна ароматна композиція із 4 мелених перців. Взяла для сиру Белпер 'Кнолле і дуже задоволена таким поєднанням ароматів перців. Дякую всім продавцям цього магазину.
Ground smoked paprika Spices
Спеція має приємний аромат, мені сподобалась, буду замовляти ще, дякую продавцям.
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Брала неодноразово дану позицію, сподобалась. Сподіваюсь скоро буде в наявності.
Red paprika cut China Paprika
Брала таку червону різану и зелену. Обидві сподобались. Замовлятиму ще.
Ground smoked paprika Spices
Підсадила на неї усіх друзів. Якість просто шикарна! Брала 700 гр і всім не вистачило)
Green paprika cut Spices for sausage
Дуже задоволена такою паприкою. Добре йде в супи і при тушкуванні м'яса і овочів
Allspice Spices for conservation
Якість сподобалась даного перцю. Гарно йде у поєднанні з іншими перцями
De Arbol pepper is dried exotic pepper
Пекельна насолода для шанувальників гострих страв! Вписався до мене в шухляду твердо і назавжди!
Allspice Spices for conservation
Душевный перец! С магазинным недоразумением и рядом не стоял (лежал :)!
Red pepper
Перец огонь! Острота без фанатизма, пару на кастрюлю борщика - песня!

Spicy pepper has the ability to elevate a culinary masterpiece to the pinnacle of exquisite taste. No wonder it is considered the soul of any impeccable dish. The genus of peppers of the pepper family unites at least one and a half thousand species of plants with spherical bony fruits. Only a few of them are cultivated in Southeast Asia and consumed as spices throughout the world.

In our virtual "Spice Bank" you can buy more than 70 types of pepper spices in bulk. The mid-market wholesale price for spices is fully justified by the excellent quality of natural products, which is confirmed by the feedback from regular customers of the store.

Types of pepper

A common property of the pepper family is the pungency imparted to food with their help. On the site you will find the following varieties:

  • sweet pea;
  • white, green, pink, black (peas, crushed and ground) and their mixtures in variations;
  • paprika green and red;
  • Chile;
  • jalapeno;
  • Sichuan;
  • New Mexico, Guajillo, De Arbol dried pods and others.

Ready-made dishes differ significantly in taste accents depending on the variety of plant used and the method of processing the fruit. This is where the magic lies!

Benefit for health

Black pepper promotes liver cleansing, increased blood flow and better nutrient absorption, and is recognized as a pain reliever, antibacterial and antioxidant natural product.

Red pepper activates the immune system, normalizes blood pressure, helps with sleep disorders, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and SARS.

Dried sweet red paprika has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, reduces the risk of blood clots, speeds up digestion and helps with colds.