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Italian herbs are a very popular spice . It is used almost all over the world. The mixture includes salt.
It contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, dietary fiber, organic acids, vitamins (groups B, vitamin K, E, PP, choline and beto carotene), minerals (fluorine, iron, chlorine, selenium, cobalt, sodium , magnesium, calcium, potassium).

Very often buyers ask the question, what is still part of Italian herbs?
This spice consists of compositions of aromatic herbs and spices.
The composition of Italian herbs includes: chopped red sweet paprika, chopped garlic, oregano, basil, dried parsley, dried dill, salt, chopped onion, chopped rosemary, cumin grain.
Very often in this spice there are dried lemongrass, shambhala, rosemary, parsley, marjoram.

The use of Italian herbs in cooking

The spicy taste of the seasoning will improve the taste of the dish, and even bring health benefits. The spice improves appetite, and it is recommended for people with problems in gastroenterology.

Herbs of Italian cuisine have long been loved by chefs around the world. Giving food a unique spicy flavor with sharpness, they perfectly complement almost all first and second courses, both cold and hot.

The use of Italian herbs is quite wide:

  • added to salads with vegetables, arugula, olives, cheeses;
  • Italian dried herbs are used in the preparation of Italian bread, pizza;
  • add to lasagna from any stuffing (meat, cheese, vegetables);
  • seasoning Italian herbs will add a wonderful aroma of fish dishes;
  • spices are added to various meat casserole dishes;
  • widely used a mixture of Italian herbs for addition to various sauces for salads, fish, meat, pasta;
  • added to a variety of hot and cold soups;
  • gorgeous chicken with Italian herbs.

As you have already understood, you can and should use Italian herbs for almost all dishes.

Italian herbs are a spice that can be bought in any store and supermarket, but if you want to buy a really high-quality and real spice for your kitchen, you have come to the right place.

Herbs can be bought in our online store at a great price, both wholesale and retail.

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