A mixture of spices Swan salt

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Swan salt is intended for use at meat processing plants, in the food concentrate industry, at fish processing enterprises, in the catering network, in the production of ketchups, sauces, marinades.

1 Feature:
Appearance - inhomogeneous loose mass, the presence of small lumps is allowed.
Color - a mixture of colors characteristic of the components of the mixture.
Taste - salty with a hint of spices that are part of the mixture.
The smell is inherent in the spices that are part of the mixture.

Ingredients: salt, ground turmeric, ground coriander, ground red pepper, ground ucho-suneli.

2 Recommendations for use
It is recommended to use this seasoning in accordance with current technological instructions and recipes, which include table salt, with the recalculation of the consumption of salt included in the recipe.

3 Storage conditions
Swan salt is stored in an airtight glass container in clean, dry, well-ventilated rooms with a relative humidity of 70-75% at a temperature not exceeding 20 oC.
Do not store in the open.

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