A mixture of spices to pita

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Whether Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani or Turkish pita, fresh, fragrant, will suit both the first and second course. Pita bread - one of the most famous dishes of Caucasian cuisine. This is fresh white bread in the shape of a large round cake. We offer you to cook the original pita with a mixture of spices "For pita" .

The composition of the mixture: dried parsley , dried dill , red paprika , dried garlic , black pepper , the mixture does not contain salt.
1. Characteristics:
Appearance - a heterogeneous loose mixture of spices and vegetables.
Color - green with hints of red.
Taste - vegetable, spicy.
The smell is inherent in the spices that are part of the mixture.
Moisture content - not more than 13%

2. Recommendations for use:
To prepare pita bread using a mixture of spices "For pita bread" per 1 kg of dough prepared according to the technological recipe, it is recommended to use 40-50 g of the mixture. The spice mixture is added to the dough at the end of kneading. The amount of spice mixture "For pita" in the baking is determined by the taste requirements of the consumer (customer).
We offer a recipe for pita bread using a mixture of spices "For pita bread":
• Water (warm boiled) - 600 ml
• Wheat flour - 1000 g
• Sugar (honey) - 15 g
• Yeast (dry) - 30 g
• Salt - 15 g
• Vegetable oil (olive, sunflower) - 50-70 ml
• Mixture of spices "For pita" - 40 g
In the process of baking the dough gives off a multifaceted aroma of spicy herbs, which permeates the pita and it acquires an amazing taste.

3. Storage conditions:
The mixture of spices "For pita bread" is stored in airtight containers in clean, dry, well-ventilated rooms with a relative humidity of 70-75% at a temperature not exceeding 20C. Do not store in the open.

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