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Bay leaf is a very popular and indispensable spice in every kitchen. It has a bitter taste and a sweet-sweet smell.
The product is dried leaves of laurel - an evergreen tree that grows in the subtropics.
The leaves are elliptical and dark green.

The benefits of bay leaf due to the fact that it contains essential oil, resinous substances, phytosterols, vitamins (C, A, niacin, pyridoxine), trace elements (calcium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium, manganese).

Due to the fact that bay leaf has medicinal properties, it is widely used in medicine and, of course, in cooking.

Most often, bay leaf is used to improve the aroma of hot dishes such as borscht, soups, soups. Add to the second dish of fish, meat, seafood, vegetables. It goes well with legumes. Seasoning is indispensable in the preservation of many products. In Western European countries, laurel is added in the preparation of jams, drinks and even desserts.

In the food industry, bay leaf is added in the production of sausages, pâtés, cheeses, mayonnaise, sauces. It is also part of many mixtures, including "hops-suneli".

It is very important to know that this spice should not be kept in the dish, as it may begin to be bitter.

Benefits and harms of bay leaf

  • Decoction of bay leaf will help cope with dysentery.
  • The properties of bay leaf perfectly eliminate allergic reactions, especially in children.
  • Useful bay leaf for hair and skin. If you rinse your head with broth, it will help get rid of dandruff, strengthen follicles.
  • Bay leaf will help with rheumatoid arthritis (Recipe: you need to mix half a liter of vodka with 1 tbsp bay leaf, willow bark and lilac flower. Use externally)
  • The plant will help cope with sinusitis.
  • Infusion of bay leaf will help cleanse the joints of deposited salts.
  • In folk medicine, bay leaf is used in the treatment of barley.
  • The plant is able to scare away various insects. The paste, which is prepared by soaking bay leaves, treats mosquito bites.
  • Bay leaf is useful for the face. On its basis luciennes, creams are made.
  • You can relax and fall asleep if you drink a couple of drops of bay oil diluted in water at night.
  • Laurel relieves stress and irritability. Helps calm down and get out of stress.
  • Use bay leaf for weight loss.

You can grow bay leaves even at home, as the plant is unpretentious and undemanding to growing conditions.

If you run out of bay leaves in the kitchen, you can buy it from us in the online store.
Bay leaf can be bought both wholesale and retail at a very nice price.

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