Mixture of spices Breading meat

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Ingredients: ground green paprika, ground red paprika, ground coriander, ground black pepper, salt.

Meat is the oldest food product used by humans. Its wide culinary application has as many years as the use of fire. I would especially like to note the quality of raw meat, which does not determine or determine the quality of the finished product or dish. Choosing the right technology, taking into account the nature of raw materials and skillful use of culinary techniques, as well as hygiene of home storage (no more than a day and a half in the refrigerator) in any case will help prepare a high quality dish with good taste and aroma. Only tender meat, which takes little time to cook, is suitable for frying. And in the preparation of unforgettable delicious dishes you will be helped by breading for meat from the online store of the Spice Bank, designed for fried dishes of beef, pork, etc. It preserves the juice, taste and aroma of the main product, gives an appetizing crispy crust.

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