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Nitrite salt is a mixture of salt with sodium nitrite. The product is a white powder that has no odor and tastes very salty. Nitrite salt is extremely necessary in the manufacture of sausages. It protects sausages from the emergence of dangerous bacteria.

Properties of nitrite salt:

  • Thanks to nitrite salt, the meat in sausages acquires a bright color, not pale shades.
  • Nitrite salt prolongs the freshness of meat products and copes well with bacteria.
  • The product significantly reduces the risk of botulism.
  • Sodium nitrite is able to change the composition of the fibers, and make sausages softer.
  • Nitrite salt improves the taste and color of sausages.
  • Nitrite salt is completely harmless to the body (in moderation) and even vice versa, provides prevention against bacteria.
  • Due to nitrite salt in sausages and meat products, the oxidation of lipids is stopped. Without it, the fat would turn yellow and spoil the taste of the products.

Nitrite salt can be used both in production and at home. The main thing is to know the dosage of this product.

How to use nitrite salt.

  • In the manufacture of sausages, the recommended dosage of nitrite salt is 10-15 grams per 1 kilogram of meat. Nitrite salt must be added to the heated product, otherwise the chemical will precipitate.
  • It is not recommended to heat products containing sodium nitrite to 120C, as this entails the release of harmful substances.
  • Shelf life of nitrite salt - 2 years. It should be stored in a dark and dry place. The container must be closed. When moisture enters the product - it spoils.

With nitrite salt, a huge number of recipes. It is used for cooking raw and smoked sausages, cooked sausages, sausages, raw necks, chopped sausages, for smoking and salting meat and more.

What can replace nitrite salt?

If you decide to cook sausage, but did not have nitrite salt at hand, you can replace it:

  • table salt;
  • sea salt;
  • spices.

Too bad nitrite salt.

It is best to give up products containing nitrite salt to people who:

  • Prone to edema, rapid weight gain.
  • Have renal failure.
  • With hypertension.
  • Have problems with muscle tone.

In our online store you can always buy fresh and certified products. Nitrite salt can be purchased both at retail from 100 grams and in bulk from 2 kilograms.

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