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Many people consider monosodium glutamate a poison and carefully study the composition of food, so as not to buy a product that contains this substance. However, this is one of the most serious mistakes, moreover, in some products such as fish, cheese, grapes, mushrooms, tomatoes, glutamate sodium is formed naturally! So whether we like it or not, it still gets into our body. And what it is and how to use it we will understand right now!

Features and properties of sodium glutamate

Our food would not be so delicious if we did not use different food additives. For example, salt is also the most powerful flavor enhancer and that is why it is added not only to meat, vegetable and fish dishes, but also sweet desserts and even coffee. Sodium glutamate is also a flavor enhancer. This substance is obtained from algae combo, and all attempts to synthesize it artificially for a long time ended in failure. Thus, this substance is of exclusively natural origin.

In addition, the salt of glutamic acid is present in any protein and is the most common among amino acids. In general, it does not have a negative effect on the body, of course, if used wisely. Interesting fact: breast milk has a very high content of this substance.

Use in cooking and food industry

Due to its amazing properties, namely the enhancement of taste sensations, this white powder has been actively used in cooking. However, it has the desired effect only in combination with meat, poultry, mushrooms and other salty foods, but in desserts it will be invisible.

If we talk about the food industry, then this flavor enhancer is added to various products of low cost and not always good quality. E621 is present in various snacks, sausages, dry soups and condiments.

Where to buy glutamic acid salt?

Cooking a variety of dishes is a very responsible and painstaking process. Only by following the technology and using quality products will you be able to create truly delicious food. Therefore, you need to be responsible for the stores where you decide to buy the ingredients.

Here are some reasons to order products in the online store "Spice Bank":

  • we present only certified high quality products;
  • we carefully ensure that all norms of transportation and storage of food are observed;
  • our range allows you to buy all the necessary spices, seasonings, flavorings such as citric acid , sugar, E621, as well as natural oils, cereals and other ingredients that should be in every housewife;
  • delivery across all Ukraine;
  • consultation of experienced managers will help to choose the perfect seasoning for meat, sauce, fish, poultry;
  • adequate prices.

We are not just an online store, but a team of professionals who care that each of your dishes turned out perfect!

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