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Ground turmeric, 550 g
120.00 грн
Turmeric Ayurveda (freshly ground)
23.00 грн
Turmeric ground premium
19.00 грн
Turmeric ground, 140 g
41.00 грн
Turmeric root
20.00 грн
Turmeric root, 150 g
45.00 грн
Turmeric root, 600 g
140.00 грн
Reviews about our products
Turmeric ground premium Spices
Цвет изумительный. Отличная приправа к курице.
Turmeric ground in / y Spices for potatoes
Свіжа куркума. Колір гарний, бачу, що справжня. 
Turmeric ground in / y Spices for potatoes
\r\nСвіжа куркума. Легкий приємний запах та смак.
Turmeric ground premium Spices
Отличная куркума. Идеальна для чечевичного супа и для картофеля 
Turmeric root Spices for potatoes
хороший вариант для использования в экадаши
Turmeric ground premium Spices
Буду брать ещё
Turmeric ground premium Spices
Отличная куркума, лучшая что брал\r\nДобавляю практически везде, особенно нравится с картофельным пюре
Turmeric root Spices for potatoes
Редко ,где можно купить корень куркумы в магазине,здесь хорошее каччество и приемлимая цена. Натираю только на терке,в кофемолке это невозможно . Полезная специя!Покупайте,тольк о готовьтесь к натиранию)))
Turmeric ground premium Spices
Отличный запах
Turmeric Ayurveda (freshly ground) Spices for potatoes
В моей практике употребления пряной группа специй куркума занимает первое место, посему, перепробовано было много и всякой. Однако, только здесь я нашла идеальную куркуму, честно говоря, даже лучше и свежее той, что мне привозили из Индии! Довольна и благодарна!

One of the most famous spices is yellow turmeric. Due to its color, it is used as a textile dye. It is also widely used in cooking and folk medicines. On the pages of our catalog, wholesale turmeric is available to you. A large number of seasonings at any time can be ordered with delivery.

Chemical composition and useful properties

The seasoning gets its characteristic color due to its component - curcumin. It also contains a complex of vitamins B, calcium, phosphorus, iodine. Due to its chemical composition, turmeric is effective in removing toxins and other harmful compounds from the body. By eliminating free radicals, the substance helps cells maintain youthfulness and tissue elasticity. Medicinal use helps relieve swelling, improves arthritis.

The useful quality of the spice is its ability to delay the spread of cancer cells. With constant consumption of food, digestion and the functioning of the gallbladder improve.

The wholesale of this seasoning is carried out by the employees of our project. Through the pages of the online store, you can buy it with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine. The advantages of buying in bulk are access to any volumes and the ability to purchase them in a short time. The catalog provides access to seasoning in the form of a root, as well as ground. To order, just contact our consultants at the contacts indicated on the pages of the project.