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Horseradish chopped Spices for fat
Дробленный корень хрена. Очень удобно, что всегда под рукой. Взяла для засолки огурцов, так как своего дома нету. По полной с горкой чайной ложки клала на 2 х литровую банку с огурцами. Огурчики получились хрустящие, вкусные. Может еще найду какие то рецепты для применения. Рекомендую для всех, кто хочет вкусных огурчиков.   

It is difficult to imagine such dishes as boiled veal tongue or rooster jelly without a harmonious addition to them with horseradish seasoning. Horseradish (lat. - Armoracia) is a perennial with a powerful root and large oval-shaped basal leaves. In Ukraine, it grows literally on every personal plot, however, we usually rush to the store for a delicious seasoning from its rhizome.

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Properties of horseradish and their use in medicine and cooking

The rhizome has an incomparable pungent and pungent smell. It tastes sweet at first, and after a moment - burning. Horseradish root is consumed fresh and dried, grated, chopped or crushed.

The seasoning is widely used in the canning and food industries, as well as in home canning of vegetables, pickling and pickling cucumbers and table beets. Served with meat, fish and cold appetizers. Taste can be improved by adding lemon juice and sugar.

Useful properties of horseradish are used in traditional medicine:

  • to increase appetite;
  • to reduce swelling;
  • to relieve symptoms of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract;
  • with a tendency to bleeding;
  • in scurvy, physical and mental exhaustion.

Horseradish root gruel is used externally and as compresses for rheumatism, gout and for the treatment of infected wounds.