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Mexico ... Homeland of real macho, passionate women and ... spicy dishes: delicious, but burning like a flame. The secret of any Mexican dish, whether burrito sauce or traditional stew of stewed vegetables, lies in a mixture of spices, the optimal composition of which was selected by centuries of baked, noisy Mexican housewives.

The mixture of "Mexico" consists of paprika , hot red ground chili , garlic cloves , parsley , mustard seeds , cumin and garlic. The mixture has a burning pleasant spicy aroma and taste.
The mixture "Mexico" can be used for cooking various vegetable and meat dishes, soups, as well as decorative crumbs for baking fish, meat, vegetables, as a flavoring for pizza, rolls, open pies, etc. .

Appearance - a heterogeneous loose mixture of spices and pieces of vegetables.
Color - red with patches of yellow-brown color.
The taste is burning, spicy.
The smell is inherent in the spices that are part of the mixture.
Ingredients - a mixture of spices and vegetables, the mixture does not contain salt.

Storage conditions:
The mixture of spices "Mexico" is stored in an airtight glass container in clean, dry, well-ventilated rooms with a relative humidity of 70-75% at a temperature not exceeding 20C.
Do not store in the open.

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