Agar-agar 1200
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Agar-agar 1200
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Agar-agar 1200 Agar-agar 1200
Великолепное качество, мармелад удался. Также используем как добавку в рацион. 
Agar-agar, 130 g Spices in a jar 200 ml
Отличный товар. Супер качество. Натуральный состав. Рекомендую
Agar-agar 1200 Agar-agar 1200
отличный агар, работает =) цена адекватная. использую нечасто, но и его буду заказывать у вас.
другим покупателям однозначно порекомендую. то, что продается в пакетиках в супермакетах, не идет ни в какое сравнение.

To prepare a delicious dessert, jelly or jelly, we all very often use different thickeners. Most often, housewives use gelatin, but there is a more effective tool for this purpose - agar-agar.

Agar is a natural vegetable gel-forming product that has neither taste nor smell. It does not affect the taste of the dish, but makes it thicker. Extracted from red algae. Plants are found at the bottom of the White and Black Seas, as well as in the Pacific Ocean.

The supplement is considered a more useful substitute for gelatin. It is the most suitable gelling agent for desserts and vegetarian dishes. It is about ten times more powerful than gelatin and other gelling ingredients.

To buy the presented substance at a good price and with a guarantee of quality, the online store "Bank of Spice" offers. The cost of all spices is affordable, and the quality is beyond doubt. If you want to know how much agar costs with us, visit the website, the price is from 50 grams. You can order the supplement in any quantity - in jars or packaged in bags.

Agar-agar - what is it?

Among chefs who have already used agar-agar, there are only positive reviews. The substance really allows you to get a fairly thick mass quickly, and at the same time it will keep its shape even at temperatures up to +40 degrees.

Plants that are used to extract the product are rich in useful components, which means that agar has retained these properties. It can be included in the diet not only for adults, but also for children, unless there is an allergic reaction.

Outwardly, agar is a powder that has a cream or brown color, sometimes it can have a gray tint. When diluted, it is a colorless gel, odorless and tasteless.

The effect of agar-agar on the body

The additive is useful not only for confectioners to thicken something, but also simply in the diet:

  • Agar-agar quickly saturates the body, it is low in calories.
  • The drug reduces the amount of triglycerides in the blood.
  • It helps to normalize cholesterol in the body.
  • Agar has the ability to lower sugar levels.
  • It has a good effect with high acidity.
  • Agar-agar removes harmful substances from the body.
  • It is also a source of iodine, macro- and microelements.

The substance can act as a prebiotic, it improves immunity and digestion. This is a godsend for women, as agar keeps skin and hair youthful.

The product reduces the risk of breast cancer. It effectively acts, absorbs and quickly removes fats, which contributes to the formation of a beautiful figure.

Use in cooking

Quality agar-agar has a wide range of uses. It is used to prepare both sweet and savory dishes.

It is used by chefs to make jellies, puddings, syrups, various confectionery products, yogurts and ice cream. It is also used to better solidify meat or fish jelly, thicken soups or sauces. The additive is used in the production of mayonnaise, marshmallow, sherbet, soufflé and cheeses.

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