Black cumin seed oil (kalinji), 200 ml

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Black cumin oil is one of the most useful oils. It is obtained by cold pressing of nigella seeds (blackberries, black cumin).

The composition of black cumin oil

  • 15 essential amino acids.
  • Arginine, carotenoids.
  • Vitamins of group B.
  • Omega-6 and omega-9.
  • Potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorus, zinc, selenium.
  • Phospholipids, phytosterols, flavanides, alkaloids, enzymes.


Useful properties

  • Affects the immune system.
  • Normalizes the central nervous system, improves memory, helps fight apathy, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
  • Has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helps fight diarrhea.
  • Able to fight allergies.
  • Regulates the level of insulin in the blood.
  • Effective in the treatment of cancer.
  • Improves skin regeneration, heals wounds, improves elasticity.


The use of black cumin oil

To eliminate any digestive disorders, increase immunity, as well as disease prevention, black cumin oil can be taken:

  • adults - 1 tsp on an empty stomach in the morning and before dinner on an empty stomach.
  • children - from 6 years, no more than half a teaspoon per day.
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