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Powdered sugar is crushed sugar that undergoes several stages of processing. The product is used to decorate desserts, sweet pastries, confectionery, added to the dough. It comes with additives, such as vanilla, walnut or sesame and is used to create a unique decor. Often ordinary sugar is replaced by crushed sugar when beating eggs for a sponge cake. Protein and cream will be softer and softer if you use this product. It is much easier to beat the mixture for meringue, marshmallows or pastilles.

See grinding

In production, the product is prepared by grinding sugar crystals. This is done with the help of special equipment. Depending on the size of the obtained granules of powdered sugar is:

  • coarse grinding - often this mixture is used in coffee sticks, it is not as small as powder, but not sugar;
  • medium grinding - in this form the product is used for sprinkling;
  • small - ordinary powder, which is in the arsenal of many housewives.

In the online store "Spice Bank" there are different packages of the product. There is always a large selection of spices, mixes, sauces, sets on sale. You can buy the supplement in Kiev, as well as with delivery throughout Ukraine. We have wholesale prices.

Use in cooking

Proper use of additives in cooking allows you to create delicious and beautiful desserts. Without it it will be very difficult to prepare marshmallows, biscuit cookies, bird's milk, candies, meringues. Easter cake will be a normal muffin, if it does not have a white cap of powder and whipped proteins. This is not all desserts that use crushed sugar. To easily measure the required amount of additives, you need to know that 1 teaspoon contains 10 g with a slide and 7 g without a slide product. And in a clean glass - 180 g.

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