Fried chopped onions

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Fried chopped onions are a popular and very tasty spice. Prepared by frying in oil chopped dried onions. The spice has no unpleasant taste or smell. Onions taste like onion-flavored chips.

Crispy fried seasoning is widely used in cooking in Europe, Asia and the United States.
Onions are used in the manufacture of semi-finished products, various pâtés, sausages. Spice is part of many fast food products: soups, cereals, mashed potatoes, frozen foods, sauces and ketchups. Fried onions for fast food are in demand: hot dogs, burgers, noodles, Asian dishes and more. Fried onions are used in the manufacture of many bakery products: bread, rolls, donuts.

Fried onions are not as useful as fresh, but it contains a number of vitamins and trace elements that are stored even after frying.

Useful properties of fried onions

  • Provides good functioning of the nervous system thanks to vitamin B.
  • Nicotinic acid in the composition is responsible for the normalization of metabolic processes.
  • Folic acid - optimizes the immune system, as well as supports the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • It contains biotin which is responsible for strengthening nails, hair and skin.
  • Increase the body's immunity.
  • Has a positive effect on the genitourinary system and stimulates the kidneys.
  • Reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Harmful properties of fried onions

It is recommended to use the product with caution in children, people with chronic liver disease, people with heart disease and blood pressure, people with asthma.

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