Spices for pilaf
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Chopped garlic
30.00 грн
Cumin (star) seeds
28.00 грн
Cumin grain
19.50 грн
Ground cumin
18.00 грн
Ground cumin
24.00 грн
Ground smoked paprika
30.00 грн
Ground smoked paprika (pimenton)
58.00 грн
Paprika ground China
19.00 грн
Red barberry
72.00 грн
Red paprika cut China
45.00 грн
Red smoked red paprika
80.00 грн
Tomato cut China
50.00 грн
Turmeric Ayurveda (freshly ground)
23.00 грн
Turmeric ground premium
19.00 грн
Turmeric root
20.00 грн
Reviews about our products
Cumin grain Spices for pilaf
Багато різного кмину куштувала. Але цей надзвичайно ароматний. Печу хліб і кмин постійно використовую, Тому не зважаючи на те, що він дрібний, якість - вище усіх похвал! поставила би усі 10 зірочок.
Turmeric ground premium Spices
Цвет изумительный. Отличная приправа к курице.
Red paprika cut China Paprika
Качество отличное.
Chopped garlic Spices for sausage
Хорошая нарезка,целый не поломаный.
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Может что в чай не добавляю а так везде идет.Хорошее качество.
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Смачна паприка, дуже яскравого кольору!
Turmeric ground in / y Spices for potatoes
Свіжа куркума. Колір гарний, бачу, що справжня. 
Red barberry Barberry
Дуже гарний барбарис, ягоди м\'які, не пересушені, без сторонніх запахів і плісняви. Чудові до плову
Ground smoked paprika Spices
Готую з паприкою майже все, а з запахом димку- взагалі супер. Замовила одразу півкіло, не жалкую
Paprika ground Uzbekistan Spices for barbecue
Ароматна, свіжа паприка.

Despite the fact that the peculiarity of pilaf is friable rice, many people love the dish for an incredibly fragrant set of spices. This is the main ingredient of the dish, which gives it the right taste, smell, color. The traditional spice mix consists of zira, cumin, coriander, turmeric, and paprika. Ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices are also added to it. You can buy spices for pilaf in the Spice Bank online store. They will help preserve the traditional Middle Eastern taste.

How to choose

The basic rule of cooking any dish is a harmonious combination of ingredients. Spices should complement each other's taste, reveal it, make food fragrant. The saffron colors the rice golden. You can replace it with zira. The sourness of the barberry gives it zest. Paprika gives a mild sweet aftertaste. You can choose the necessary spices yourself by creating your own unique seasoning. To buy a product, simply add it to your shopping cart and checkout.

How to combine the right ingredients

Each hostess uses different meat for cooking. Depending on this, spices are also selected. For example, dill, mustard seeds, suneli hops, paprika are best suited to lamb.

Combination rules:

  • turkey meat - rosemary, dill, curry, marjoram, allspice;
  • beef - oregano, zira, sumac, fenugreek;
  • chicken - garlic, peppercorns, saffron, cumin, parsley;
  • pork - barberry, turmeric, sumac, basil, curry.

You can order seasoning with delivery in Ukraine. The catalog contains a detailed description of the goods, composition, price. You can choose the desired packaging yourself. All photos correspond to the real product.