A mixture of spices 10 vegetables

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Undoubtedly, anyone who has ever tried to cook something with the addition of a fragrant mixture of "10 vegetables", will say with confidence that it gives the dishes a unique taste and aroma. In addition, the white roots that are part of the mixture are rich in useful nutrients: parsnip root - a source of potassium, contains many B vitamins and vitamin C; parsley root - rich in essential oils, vitamins, macro and micronutrients, and vitamin C in it 4 times more than in lemon; Celery is rich in vitamins necessary for the male body, such as vitamin C, vitamins B and E, as well as A, PP, it contains a male hormone - androsterone.
Enjoy the taste of dishes with a mixture of "10 vegetables" and be healthy.

Mixture of spices "10 vegetables" composition: celery root, parsnip root, parsley root, chopped red paprika, chopped green paprika, chopped chopped paprika, dried chopped onions, chopped chopped carrots, chopped garlic, dried leeks, dried parsley.

The mixture of spices "10 vegetables" is used in many dishes for various first courses, goulash, stews, poultry or fish, vegetable stews and soups, meat stews. Dishes prepared with a mixture of "10 vegetables" have a unique, multifaceted vegetable flavor that attracts and stimulates the appetite of the consumer.


  • Appearance - loose mass consisting of pieces of vegetables and roots, size of pieces 3-6 mm
  • Color - a mixture of colors, the inherent components of which the mixture consists.
  • Taste and aroma - vegetable, pleasant, spicy, inherent in the components of the mixture.


  1. For the preparation of stewed meat, poultry or vegetables, as well as goulash or vegetable soup use 10-30 g of a mixture of spices "10 vegetables". The amount of mixture used depends on the volume of the dish and the taste of the consumer.
  2. We recommend adding the mixture in 10-15 minutes when cooking meat dishes. until the end of cooking, and in vegetable dishes - at the same time with vegetables.
  3. When using the mixture to prepare minced meat for stuffed cabbage or peppers - the mixture is soaked in boiling water for 15-20 minutes, then drain the water thoroughly and use a mixture of spices "10 vegetables" according to the recipe.

Storage conditions :
The mixture of spices "10 vegetables" should be stored in airtight containers in clean, dry, well-ventilated rooms with a relative humidity of 70-75% at a temperature not exceeding 20C.
Do not store in the open.

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