A mixture of spices to Kharcho

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Spices for food are a mixture of dried vegetables and herbs that will give the dish an unsurpassed fragrant aroma and pleasant taste.

Because spices for food are natural, they contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, micro and macronutrients.

The composition of spices for food includes: ground turmeric, ground paprika, chopped onions, chopped chopped carrots, yellow mustard, ground red chili peppers, dried parsley, ground coriander, thyme, salt.

Kharcho soup is a real pride of Georgian cuisine. This is a soup made from beef (beef brisket is best) and rice, sour-based dried plums - tkemali or tklapi. The dish is spicy, spicy, and it is much thicker than other soups.

What other spices are added to food soup?

In this dish, in addition to our spices, it is appropriate to add coriander, parsley, basil, black pepper peas, bay leaf, saffron, walnuts.

Our mixture of spices for food soup is not only delicious and fragrant, but also useful. Each ingredient has a positive effect on our body.

  • Red hot pepper is able to normalize the cardiovascular system, dilate blood vessels with high blood pressure. The spice is useful in disorders of the stomach and intestines. Chili pepper has a tonic effect on the body, increases immunity.
  • Hops-suneli has a positive effect on the digestive system, as well as on the cardiovascular system. Spice stimulates appetite, improves water-salt metabolism in the body. The spice also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Sweet red and green peppers are an excellent antidepressant, helps with stress, depression, improves sleep and memory. Regular consumption of pepper strengthens teeth, nails and hair. Due to the high content of vitamins, spices increase immunity.
  • Garlic and onions increase immunity, help with colds, coughs, colds.

You can buy spices for food soup in our online store at an affordable price.

The mixture of spices for food can be bought wholesale and retail from 100 grams.


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