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Ground red paprika is a sweet pepper fruit that is ground into a powder. The taste of paprika is sweet, but can be very sharp, a little sharp. There are only 7 types of paprika in the world, which differ in color and taste. The most popular type is considered to be sweet paprika.

Homeland paprika is South America. It is now grown in the United States, Turkey, Spain and Hungary.

Ground paprika seasoning contains a large number of vitamins such as A, E, PP, P, B vitamins, as well as trace elements: iodine, calcium, iron, fluorine, zinc, copper.

In cooking, red ground paprika is popular.

This spice is mainly used in German, Mexican, Spanish and Hungarian cuisines.

The spice goes well with any meat, fish and seafood, cheese, cheese, tomatoes. Paprika is added to rice, salads, sauces, soups. The taste of mashed potatoes becomes interesting if paprika is added to it.

Paprika, in addition to giving the dish taste and smell, it helps to color the dish.

Ground smoked paprika is also used in cooking. She is especially loved by the Spaniards. The fruits are dried, then smoked and ground into a powder. Smoked spice goes well with fish and meat.

The benefits of ground paprika

  • Paprika contains many biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on blood circulation and promote blood thinning.
  • The spice contains a very large amount of vitamin C.
  • Paprika helps to increase immunity.
  • Accelerates metabolism in the body.
  • Paprika helps with any disorders of the digestive system, spasms, colic and flatulence.
  • Since paprika helps speed up metabolism, it is useful to use for weight loss.
  • It is not recommended to use the spice for kidney and liver diseases, as well as if you have angina or pancreatitis.

If suddenly you do not have this spice at hand, but you really need it, you can replace ground paprika with turmeric or curry.

You can buy sweet ground paprika of excellent quality in our online store.

In the photo you can see what ground paprika looks like.

You can buy spices both wholesale and retail at a great price.

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