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Ucho-suneli is a Georgian spice with a special delicate nutty aroma. Represents dried and crushed pods and seeds of blue fenugreek.

His homeland is considered to be the Mediterranean. This plant grows mainly in meadows.

It is a great mistake to think that ucho-suneli and hops-suneli are one and the same.

Hops-suneli are a mixture of spices in equal quantities, and utsho-suneli is an independent spice.

Ucho-suneli contains fatty oils, proteins, vitamins, folic, nicotinic, ascorbic acids, macro and micronutrients, beta-carotene.

Ucho-suneli is used in cooking, as well as in medicine.

Ucho-suneli spice is highly valued in Georgian cuisine. The most interesting thing is that when fresh it has no taste, but it is worth drying and frying in a pan, the spice acquires a magical aroma.

The spice perfectly complements any meat and fish dishes.
It must be added to adjika and lobio, as well as the spice is mandatory in the preparation of satsebeli sauce.

Ucho suneli seeds are used as breading for basturma, and this spice will complement and improve the taste of dishes such as chicken tapaka, chanakhi, kuchmachi, khachapuri, kharcho, khinkali, hashlam, chihirtma. Only one pinch of spice should be added to the dish.

Pleasant taste of spice gives pickles, sauerkraut, soups.

Ucho-suneli can be combined with spices such as coriander seeds, garlic, hot red pepper, savory, cilantro.

Useful properties of utsho-suneli

  • Spice helps relieve physical fatigue
  • Helps improve appetite and stimulates digestion
  • The spice promotes the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.
  • Ucho-suneli has diuretic properties.
  • The spice helps with gout.
  • Ucho-suneli has a positive effect on the condition of nails and hair.

Like any spice utsho-suneli has certain contraindications.

It is undesirable to use for people with diabetes, hormonal disorders, inflammation of the thyroid gland.

You can buy utsho-suneli in our online store at an affordable price.

You can see what utsho-suneli looks like in the photo above.

Ucho-suneli seeds can be bought both wholesale and retail from 100 grams.

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