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Allspice is a plant belonging to the Myrtle family. This evergreen fruit is initially green, and when ripe - change color to red. Inside each fruit there are several small chambers, each of which has only one pea.

The plant is grown in Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, Thailand, the tropical islands of the Caribbean, Central America and Cuba.

Fragrant ground pepper consists of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, ash, dietary fiber, vitamins B, A, C, PP, macro and micronutrients, fatty acids, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids.

Fragrant ground pepper is used in cooking, folk and official medicine, as well as in cosmetology.

In cooking, spices are added to various dishes: hot (soups, borscht, broths, pickles), meat dishes, fish, salads and even desserts. Pepper powder is part of the well-known mixture of spices "Curry".

Pepper will perfectly complement canned vegetables, compotes, fruits.

Allspice must be added when preparing sauces, ketchups, sausages, hot dogs, sausages, pâtés.

Spices are often used in confectionery. Add to all kinds of pies, cookies, cakes, gingerbread, mulled wine, hot chocolate, coffee. It is suitable for sweet dishes because it has a mixed smell of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper.

Useful properties of allspice

  • The spice has anti-inflammatory properties, can reduce and alleviate inflammation and pain.
  • Allspice normalizes digestion, eliminates diarrhea, reduces bloating.
  • Spice strengthens the immune system.
  • Pepper contains substances that give it antioxidant properties.
  • If you rinse your mouth with a solution of allspice, it will improve the mucous membrane of the mouth, strengthen the gums.
  • A large amount of potassium in the fruit has a positive effect on the heart.
  • The use of allspice in my diet helps to increase oxygen in the organs and tissues.
  • Allspice is a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Ground allspice - an excellent antiparasitic agent.
  • Ground fragrant add a lot of foams, balms, soaps. It is used in deodorants, essential oils.

Pepper has many useful properties, but the spice can be harmful, so you need to use it properly.

Sweet pepper is not recommended if you are allergic to it, and it should not be consumed in excessive quantities.

You can buy ground allspice of excellent quality in our online store.

The spice can be purchased both wholesale and retail from 100 grams.

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