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Ground coriander is a spicy-sweet and fragrant spice that was born long before our era. It was first brought from Spain, and thanks to its bright smell and delicate taste, it has become one of the most popular spices.

Often people confuse cilantro and ground coriander, thinking that they are completely different plants. No, it's one plant. Just cilantro is a green, and coriander is a seed.

The benefits of coriander are due to its content. The spice contains organic acids, vitamins (A, B, PP, C), trace elements (phosphorus, iodine, zinc, copper, iron).

The use of ground coriander is very common in the culinary industry, cosmetology, medicine, and sometimes it is added to liqueurs and wines.

Where is a spice like ground coriander added?

Ground coriander - a spice that can give a unique taste to absolutely any confectionery, bakery products, pastries, cheeses, sausages, vegetables, fish and meat

Spice goes well with cabbage, lentils, beans, peas. In addition, the preparation of such dishes as Thuringian sausages, Turkish kebabs is simply impossible to imagine without such a seasoning as ground coriander.

It is very popular to add spices to various mixtures of spices, such as in a mixture of massala, Tunisian mixtures.

In Eastern cuisines, ground coriander is an integral part of many sweets. The inhabitants of the islands of Cyprus and Greece use the spice to make canned olives.

Ground coriander, as well as whole is a very useful and used condiment in cooking.

If you need to replace ground coriander in the recipe, you can do it with anise or cumin seeds, they are also very fragrant.

Useful properties of ground coriander

  • Spice perfectly stimulates and improves the digestive system, helps digest food.
  • Ground coriander enhances liver function, improves appetite.
  • Coriander also has a beneficial effect on the gums, treats stomatitis and bleeding.
  • Spices are very useful to take for stomach upsets, menstrual disorders.
  • Improves vision, strengthens eye muscles.
  • Coriander is a spice that helps with skin diseases or injuries. Accelerates its healing.

There are enough producers of ground coriander on the spice market. But if you want to buy a spice of excellent quality and at an affordable price, you can do it in our online store.
The price for 1 kg of ground coriander is only 65 hryvnias.
In the photo you can see what the spice looks like.
You can buy ground coriander from us both wholesale and retail.

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