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Marjoram is exactly the spice that people all over the world know about. The spice is widely used in cooking, medical and cosmetic, dentistry. The useful properties of this spice cannot be denied, they are obvious.

Marjoram was used in ancient Egypt. It is worth noting that the Egyptians highly valued this plant. Bouquets collected from grass were given to girls they admired. You can buy dry marjoram by visiting the online store "Spice Bank". The cost of the seasoning is affordable and suitable for most fans. You can order marjoram from us in any quantity you need. The seasoning is presented in the form of crushed dried leaves. We carefully check all our products, there are only good reviews about it.

What is marjoram?

Modern cooking is almost impossible without the use of spices such as marjoram. Dried herbs are added to many dishes, but it is best to combine it with fatty meat.

The spice has a slightly sweet smell. It is a bit like camphor with a touch of floral shades. The taste of marjoram is very pronounced, sharp, burning. There are two main types of spices - perennial and annual. They have no differences in taste and aroma.

This is not the most exotic spice, the price is quite acceptable for every connoisseur. Delivery is timely.

Composition and nutritional value of marjoram

This spice boasts the content of micro and macronutrients. It contains a lot of rutin, vitamin C and provitamin A. Per 100 grams of dried oregano leaves contains approximately 270 kcal.

Marjoram in cooking

Oregano is indispensable in cooking:

  • soups;
  • meat dishes;
  • vegetables;
  • many salads.

The aroma and taste of the spice is so interesting that it is used in drinks and desserts. Herbs are also used in other culinary fields. It is well suited for canning and production of sausages.

Marjoram is a mandatory ingredient in some blends, such as "Provencal herbs". Since it can have a positive effect on the digestibility of food, the herb is used in the preparation of fatty foods. Many chefs add seasoning to Italian pizza recipes. Given all the vitamins and minerals in the composition, the plant is in demand in cosmetology.

Advantages of buying in the Spice Bank store

The Spice Bank online store has been operating in its field for a long time. Every client can order natural spices from us. The quality of spices is high, as they come in pure form from their countries of origin. All seasonings are packaged immediately before shipment on the day of the order, which guarantees their freshness.

Spices bought from us will delight you with their clean and bright aroma. They will reveal the taste of each dish, and it will "flirt" in a new way. You can order the goods without leaving home today. You will be pleased with the cost of spices. The price is better and lower than in other stores. You will be able to get an answer to the question of how much your order costs right on the website, indicating the required amount of spices. The price is calculated automatically.

Before placing an order, you can read the reviews of our regular customers. Among them are not only housewives, but also restaurants, large enterprises, cafes. We have delivery of products across all territory of Ukraine that very much pleases our clients. Do you want to buy natural, useful and fragrant spices of high quality for your table? Then we are waiting for you in our store.

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