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Dried cranberries dried
42.00 грн
Dried mango
62.00 грн
Dried sliced orange
50.00 грн
Fruit and pear chips
60.00 грн
Fruit apple chips
21.00 грн
Fruit banana chips
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Grapefruit fruit chips
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Kiwi fruit chips
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Lemon fruit chips
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Raisins light (pitted)
17.50 грн
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Dried mango Dried fruits
Очень вкусный манго, не пересушенный и не слишком мягкий, обязательно закажу еще
Dried cranberries dried Dried fruits
Добавляю в йогурт, получается очень вкусно, с кислинкой 
Ginger pieces in sugar Dried fruits
Если вы любите имбирь в любом виде, как я, то это ваше лакомство! Вкусный, но много понятное дело, из-за специфики имбиря за раз не съешь. Перекусываю иногда между обедом и ужином. Хотелось бы, чтобы сахар не осыпался с него, но наверное так не получится.
Raisins light (pitted) Dried fruits
Хороший изюм, сладкий, свежий!
Dried cranberries dried Dried fruits
Очень вкусная вяленая клюква. Долго ждала и наконец-то появилась. Вяленая, не пересушенная. С кислинкой и с приятной сладостью. Я ее обожаю. Рекомендую. В осенне-зимний сезон для укрепления организма и иммунитета.
Raisins light (pitted) Dried fruits
Ізюм дуже якісний, свіжий, не пересушений, ягідки ніжні на смак. В творожній запіканці з яблуком дуже гармонійно смакує, додає присмак, але без надлишкової солодкості. Все, як я люблю))) 
Raisins light (pitted) Dried fruits
Отличный, качественный изюм. Буду драть ещё.
Dried apricots Dried fruits
Дуже смачна курага, свіжа, сонячного кольору - сама те, що так потрібно взимку!
Raisins light (pitted) Dried fruits
Изюм очень вкусный, хотя и не крупный. Цена порадовала, буду брать еще, спасибо.
Dried apricots Dried fruits
Дуже смачна курага. Нерівномірного кольору, є темніша - така як має бути. Не вибілена й крашена. Дитина їла також і ніяких реакцій не було. Дякую! 

On cold winter evenings, there is a strong desire to enjoy summer fruits. But buying fresh produce is quite expensive. Therefore, they are replaced by budget, but no less tasty and healthy products from the Dried Fruits category. There are quite a lot of varieties of dried fruits, which allows you to eat a large number of various vitamins and minerals. They have a beneficial effect on the body. Certain dried fruits:

  • improve the functioning of the digestive system;
  • normalize the work of the heart;
  • speed up metabolism;
  • restore energy;
  • prevent the formation of malignant tumors;
  • increase the amount of iron-containing protein.

Popular representatives of the category Dried fruits

dried pear

The products of this group contain a huge variety of different substances: natural fiber, vitamins, acids and minerals. Dried pear fruits are used as an additive in fermented milk products, cereals, and various types of pastries. They are useful even for people with diabetes, since insulin is not required for absorption.

papaya candied fruits

An exotic fruit, somewhat reminiscent of a melon. Candied papaya promotes rapid weight loss and the removal of toxins. Nutritionists sometimes introduce their patients to a diet based on healthy berries.

Dried cherries

Dried cherries are a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants, which are so necessary for people with reduced immunity. This representative of the Dried Fruits category can be used in many snacks, sauces, drinks and desserts. The bright aroma of berries will complement the food and become the highlight of the dish.

dried barberry

Dried barberry is a berry with a pleasant tart taste. It has useful and healing properties. Used in medicine and cooking. With the use of this product, all kinds of salads, roasts and soups are prepared.

Dried orange slice

Candied oranges are a nutritious product. Fresh berries have a rather bitter skin, but this is removed by boiling and sugar. It goes well with many desserts: muffins, casseroles, yogurt, ice cream. Sweet and sour taste will appeal to both adults and children. Such dried fruits reduce the risk of cancer.


Dried figs are one of the healthiest dried fruits. It provides an increase in the number of red cells in the blood, which allows you to forget about anemia, provided that the berry is introduced into the regular diet. It can and should be consumed during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as it contains many vitamins and various mineral components.

Dried apricots

Dried apricot or dried apricots. The composition of dried fruit is full of essential amino acids, vitamins and vitamin-like compounds. Dried apricots are recommended to be included in medical nutrition for many diseases of various organ systems, as it has a long list of useful properties.

You can buy products of the Dried fruits category and ensure proper nutrition for children and adults on the website of a reliable online store. The supplier offers the best prices and timely delivery.