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Sesame (sesame) - a spice known since ancient times. The seeds ripen in a box of annuals. Homeland of this plant - India.

Black sesame - is an unpeeled seed that has a sharp aroma and pungent taste.
The benefits of sesame are due to its enriched composition.
Sesame contains vitamins (A, PP, E, B vitamins), amino acids, oleic acid, phytoestrogens, glycerin ether, trace elements (manganese, copper, iron, zinc, calcium).

There are white and black sesame. Let's understand what their differences are.

  • Black sesame has a richer aroma than white.
  • Black sesame seeds remain in the husk, and white is cleaned of it.
  • Black sesame has a bitter taste, as well as they get better quality oil. It is used to prepare marinades, as an additive to rice and vegetable dishes. The white seeds have a slightly nutty taste, and they are used for making sweets, bakery products, pastries.

The difference between white and black sesame is not very big. But black seeds, for example, contain more antioxidants.

Deciding which sesame is more useful than white or black is pointless, because both of these spices bring many benefits to our body. But it should be noted that black sesame is more caloric.

Black sesame seeds are used in cooking, cosmetology, medicine and even magic.

Sesame is very popular in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian and Arabic cuisines.

Black sesame is used in cooking in meat dishes, salads, vegetable dishes, fish, various casseroles and pastries.
Due to the strong aroma, black sesame is best used as an addition to cold dishes or salads.

Prepare sweet pies with black sesame seeds, and sprinkle with bakery products.

Useful properties and contraindications of black sesame seeds

  • Black sesame seeds have a good effect on the condition of the skin and nails.
  • Its use speeds up metabolism, improves the digestive system and blood condition.
  • A large amount of calcium has a beneficial effect on bones and joints.
  • Black sesame helps lower blood cholesterol.
  • Thanks to the large number of vitamins, it improves well-being.
  • Helps with stress or insomnia.

According to reviews of black sesame, we can conclude that it is a useful spice.

But like any spice, black sesame has both benefits and harms. You need to watch the use of this spice. Because seeds are high in calories, they can help you gain weight. Excessive consumption of black sesame can lead to thrombosis, or cause kidney stones.

If you do not know where to buy good quality black sesame, then you have come to the right place.

Black sesame seeds can be purchased in our online store both wholesale and retail at an attractive price.

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