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When you get tired of ordinary rice and buckwheat, you will come up with an amazing cereal - bulgur. It is incredibly tasty and is sure to win the hearts of true connoisseurs of healthy and appetizing food. And thanks to the huge content of trace elements and vitamins, your body is sure to thank you for such food. Looking in the catalog of the online store "Spice Bank" you will probably find all the most necessary ingredients that allow you to create not just dishes, but real culinary masterpieces! And our price, combined with high quality products will appeal to the harshest critics.

Bulgur is a tasty and healthy food

Homeland of this amazing cereal is the Middle East, and all because there the wheat was subjected to special processing. First, it was well sprinkled with boiling water, then dried in the sun and finally sifted through a sieve. Depending on the size of the cells of the latter and turned out bulgur of different grinding. Then selected cereals depending on the recipe and dish. For example, coarse-grained is ideal for cooking pilaf, stuffed vegetables and meat. Medium-sized cereals are added to salads, and fine porridges and soups are made from small ones.

However, this cereal is not only able to perfectly satisfy hunger, but also very useful for humans.

The value of bulgur:

  • B vitamins contained in this product help to normalize the nervous system and help overcome stress;
  • vitamin E has a beneficial effect on maintaining the beauty of skin and hair;
  • also in the composition of this cereal there is manganese, which contributes to the formation of the hormone of joy - serotonin;
  • coarse dietary fiber absorbs excess fluid, toxins and toxins, due to the fact that they are not digested - lead to a general cleansing of the body;
  • like mung bean, it has a low glycemic index, which makes bulgur dishes relevant even for diabetics;
  • and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, such porridges are recommended for colds.

It should be noted that this cereal retains all the properties of whole grains. It should also be borne in mind that it contains gluten, so people who suffer from intolerance to this protein should give up this food. When choosing this cereal, it is very important to monitor the expiration date and check that there are no sticky lumps in it, otherwise it is not suitable for consumption.

The role of bulgur in cooking

This cereal has long been an indispensable ingredient in all Middle Eastern cuisines, but today it has become no less popular in our regions. This porridge will be a great side dish to meat, poultry and fish. Before cooking bulgur is recommended to soak for 30 minutes in boiling water, then boil or fry. Lemon juice will add a special spiciness to the dish. Sprinkle them with ready-made porridge.

But sweet tooth will appreciate the hearty and incredibly tasty fruit bulgur. Add various dried fruits to the toasted bulgur, and instead of water, pour thyme decoction, which will give the dish a special tartness and spiciness. Simmer until the cereal thickens, then allow to infuse a little more. And if you want sweet porridge to become even more useful, add honey instead of sugar.

Want to buy this type of processed wheat, but don't know where? In the online store "Spice Bank" you can order cereals, quinoa , various spices and condiments at the best price! High quality products, delivery throughout Ukraine will win the hearts of the most demanding customers.

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