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Barberry is a shrub that has red fruits. The length of the berries is about 2 cm, they taste fleshy and juicy.

Shrubs grow almost everywhere except Australia and Antarctica, and its homeland is the Northern Hemisphere.

Fruits contain carbohydrates, acids, macro and micronutrients, tannins and pectin, ash, vitamins, beta-carotene, as well as carotenoids.

Barberry berries are used for medicinal purposes, in cosmetology, as well as in cooking.

Decoctions and tinctures are mainly used in cosmetology. They wipe the skin, which helps to smooth out wrinkles, give it elasticity, as well as eliminate small defects.

The fruits are also used to make hair masks.

The taste of these berries is well known to us since childhood, because in the lollipops "Barberry" is dominated by their essence.

Barberry juice is added to various jellies, marmalades, jelly. The taste of these berries will improve any jam that is added to rolls or pies. Dried barberry or fresh berries are used in the preparation of tea.
Barberry is a spice that is widely used in cooking.
Berries are added during canning, pickling, and even pickled separately.

Due to the fact that barberry berries are sour, they are an excellent substitute for vinegar and lemon.

Barberry berries are added to soups to give them sourness. It is also added to minced sausage. Depending on the recipe, it may contain: barberry, star anise , cilantro , garlic , onion .

The fruits give a spicy taste to meat products, especially kebabs and kebabs.

Barberry - a spice that perfectly complements rice dishes: pilaf, risotto, or just rice porridge.

Its berries can be used to make sauces, served pure or mixed with adjika or horseradish.

You can use berries, dried barberry, or chopped.

Useful properties of barberry:

  • spice can improve appetite;
  • helps lower blood sugar;
  • purifies the blood;
  • barberry is able to relieve pain, spasm, reduce fever;
  • promotes the outflow and production of bile;
  • calms the nervous system;
  • spice helps with reduced immunity and hemoglobin;
  • improves heart function.
  • herbal decoction containing barberry is recommended in the treatment of tumors.

You can buy barberry berries in our online store.

Barberry can be purchased at an affordable price both wholesale and retail.

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