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Cocoa beans grow on tall trees that reach 11 meters. Beans are in the flesh of the fruit about 35-45 pieces. Cocoa consists of many trace elements: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fatty acids, starch, various vitamins, folic acid, minerals (chlorine, sodium, calcium, potassium, fluorine, copper, zinc).

Properties of cocoa

  1. Cocoa contains substances that promote the healing of mucous membranes. That is why it is recommended for people with gastritis or ulcers.
  2. A cup of hot, fragrant drink lifts the mood. Due to the fact that cocoa powder contains substances that stimulate the production of endorphins.
  3. Despite the fact that cocoa contains caffeine, cocoa can and should be consumed by people with hypertension.
  4. Cocoa is good for the skin, as the substances in it give it elasticity.
  5. A drink made from cocoa powder with milk will be useful for colds and coughs. It also improves blood circulation.
  6. Another advantage of the drink is its high content of antioxidants.
  7. People who frequently consume cocoa slow down the aging process.
  8. Cocoa reduces the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, stroke.

Cocoa is very widely used in the confectionery, dairy and bakery industries. Even in cosmetology, as well as in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries, it has found application.

Cocoa, chocolates and various desserts are made from cocoa. Chocolate icing with cocoa is often prepared to decorate cakes.
And of course it is used to make everyone's favorite, sweet and delicious drink.

There are many recipes for cocoa with milk, but here are some tips on how to cook cocoa properly:

  • at the beginning, add sugar to the cocoa powder.
  • bring the milk to a boil, then pour in the dry ingredients.
  • cook on low heat for a few minutes.

Many reviews of cocoa prove that it is a useful, natural drink. You can buy cocoa powder of excellent quality and at an affordable price in our online store.

You can buy cocoa both wholesale and retail, depending on your needs.

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