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Coconut sugar is a product obtained from the juice of coconut inflorescences. Coconut sugar is a completely organic product that has a brown color and a very pleasant, original taste of caramel or coconut, and sometimes even nuts.

How is coconut sugar produced?

The benefits of coconut sugar are due to the method of its production. It is extracted in the same way as birch sap.
Next, the collected nectar is dried in the sun, as a result, it becomes like a thick syrup. As such, it can already be used, as many manufacturers sell syrup. In order to obtain crystalline granules, the syrup is well dried or frozen.

Coconut sugar contains a lot of essential substances for the body, mainly vitamins B, PP, various minerals, amino acids. Caloric content of coconut sugar per 100 grams is 380 calories.

What is the difference between coconut and refined sugar?

Ordinary sugar in the process of processing loses all its useful properties, so it provides our body with only unnecessary calories. In addition, ordinary sugar has a high glycemic index and has a nauseating, sweet taste. Unlike refined, coconut sugar retains many nutrients and has a low glycemic index. It is equal to - 35.

The benefits of coconut sugar

  • Coconut sugar is quickly absorbed by the body, thus it helps the body regain strength quickly.
  • Coconut sugar contains glucose, which is necessary for healthy liver function.
  • Coconut sugar contains inositol. It is a substance that reduces panic attacks, apathy, despair.
  • Coconut sugar contains the amino acid glutamine. Scientists have proven that this amino acid is useful in the treatment of various injuries, burns, wounds.
  • Coconut sugar helps to form new cells in the body.

Too bad it can bring coconut sugar

Although coconut sugar is one of the most beneficial, it can lead to weight gain if consumed in large quantities.
Just as harmful for coconut allergies.

Use of coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is widely used in cooking. Absolutely all dishes that use white refined sugar can be prepared with coconut.

  • The product will improve the taste of any cookies, chocolate, cake, dessert, jam, etc.
  • On the basis of coconut sugar you can prepare very tasty compotes, cocktails, juices.
  • It is popular to add coconut sugar to fruit smoothies and smoothies.
  • Some people like the combination of coconut sugar and coffee.
  • It is not recommended to add coconut sugar to tea, as it will become cloudy.

In addition to use in the culinary industry, coconut sugar is used in cosmetology. It is used to make various skin scrubs.

You can buy coconut sugar in our online store both at retail from 100 grams and wholesale from 2 kilograms.

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